Silk Benefits

Hydration, the Natural Way

Hydration is not only important for your inner health, but for your hair and skin too. Textiles such as cotton, and man-made fabrics not only draw moisture from your skin but they also absorb any skin care products that you apply. Silk will never draw natural hydration away from either your skin or your hair, it simply locks it in, keep hair and skin looking fresh and healthy.

The breathable, long weave structure of silk allows the natural oils of your skin to work overnight and allows your skincare regime to remain on your skin, and not on your pillow. You’ll wake up every morning with plump, hydrated skin and a glowing complexion.

Using a silk pillowcase has many benefits: no friction, no dry skin in the morning, and no wasted skin care oils and serums. Silk puts the beauty back into beauty sleep.

Too Warm? Too Cool? Just Right!

Unlike other fabrics, silk adjusts to our body temperatures as we wear it. Thanks to the long, tightly woven fibres in natural silk, overheating is a thing of the past. Silk has moisture wicking properties which means that it absorbs perspiration and moisture from your body when it overheats, making it ideal for every climate and all seasons.  It is especially popular during menopause when night sweats and temperature variations can be gently alleviated by the natural moisture wicking properties of pure silk.

Say Goodbye to Creased Morning Skin

Did you know that nearly a third of our lives is spent in bed? That’s why night-time is the best time for a skin care regime. The very first step is to invest in a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on luxurious smooth silk is not only relaxing but it also helps avoid undesirable pillow creases that can stay indented on your face long after your day begins. Silk avoids any kind of dragging, friction or dehydrating action that other fabrics can cause.

Hairdressers Recommend Silk for Hair

Silk is one of the ultimate secrets to having glossy, hydrated hair every morning. Many hairdressers worldwide recommend the unique properties that only natural silk can provide. With heat, friction and styling all leaving their mark on hair today, silk nurtures and replenishes tired hair, keeping moisture in as you sleep. Even fabrics that feel soft to touch can snag and knot hair, whereas silk replenishes and hydrates, and all while you sleep.


If you have allergies or irritations, silk’s natural fibres are ideal for your skin. The natural structure of silk proteins makes it the perfect non-irritant and studies have shown that pure silk can even reduce the occurrence of acne breakouts. The two proteins in silk are sericin and fibroin, produced naturally by silkworms and it is these essential properties that can deter clogged pores, dust mites, fungal growth, eczema flare ups, stuffy noses and even bed bugs.

Nature’s Anti-Ageing Secret

The skin care market is worth millions of pounds and shows no sign of slowing down. However, many expensive products that have been painstakingly applied can end up on your pillowcase, absorbing both skin’s natural moisture and your carefully applied skin care as you sleep.  Silk does not absorb moisture or skin products, but locks it in, leaving you with plump, hydrated skin. A silk pillowcase causes 43% less friction than other fibres, leaving your skin in peace overnight so that you wake up with nourished, hydrated skin every day. Silk contains naturally produced cellular albumen, which increases the speed of your skin cells’ metabolism, thus helping it replenish faster. Rich in amino groups, silk contains one of the most versatile nucleophiles in peptide synthesis. The good news is that silk is 100% natural. It’s worth remembering that skin becomes less elastic as we age and that’s why silk can truly help with time’s inevitable deterioration of elasticity.