Silk washing and care instructions

How to get the best from your SILKSLEEK products

We make your SilkSleek pillowcase, sleep mask, and hair accessories from the finest 22-momme 100% mulberry silk. SilkSleek silk is a naturally breathable fabric that is both moisture wicking and temperature regulating. It can even deter common allergens such as bugs and mould, making it completely hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types. With proper care, your SilkSleek products will look their best and provide their incomparable benefits to your hair, skin, and sleep quality for years to come.

Just follow these simple tips to keep your exquisite SILKSLEEK products in their very best condition.

How to wash and dry SILKSLEEK silk

We recommend that you wash your silk pillowcase weekly. This will help avoid any build-up of skin cells, bacteria and oils whilst keeping your pillowcase at its very best. A clean pillowcase will maintain its benefits to your hair and skin and keep that irresistible silky feel.

Although SilkSleek products can be dry cleaned, there is no need to do so when you care for them properly at home. We recommend the following steps in order to keep your silk products looking and feeling fantastic.

Always choose a mild, silk friendly detergent. Check the label to ensure that no bleach is contained in it or choose a detergent specifically designed to clean silk.

If you want to machine wash your SilkSleek products, always use the gentlest cycle. Make sure the temperature is not set above 30 degrees (84 Fahrenheit) as this can cause shrinkage or wrinkling. We recommend cool water rather than warm for long term protection of SilkSleek silk. To avoid snagging or tangles with other garments, we advise using a fine mesh laundry bag to keep your delicate mulberry silk items in perfect condition.

How to iron silk

The best way to dry a SilkSleek pillowcase is by laying it flat. That way, you are more likely to avoid wrinkles and the silk will dry naturally without the need for heat. If you do see a few wrinkles, simply smooth them out gently using the “silk” setting on your iron. Steam can also be used.  Ironing is not mandatory, but we have found that our luxury silk does maintain its sleek shine when all is smooth and crease free.

Be sure to avoid using a warm iron on silk eye masks, as the light padding within may be affected and avoid adding pressure otherwise the inner padding could change shape. We recommend steam iron particularly for silk eye masks.

Stain removal

If your SilkSleek pillowcase or product gets stained, it is important to treat it as soon as you notice, preferably before it dries or sets. Immerse the item in cold water and gently dab the affected area with a mild detergent suitable for delicate fabrics. The stain is more likely to be removed if you attend to it before it dries.

We recommend that you take extra care with self-tanning products as they can leave an unsightly residue or stain on your silk pillowcase or eye mask. If you think this might become a problem, we advise you to choose our products in black which will disguise any faux tan marks.

The five golden rules of silk care

  • Do not wring or twist damp silk.
  • Allow silk to air dry naturally and on a flat surface.
  • Do not dry silk in a tumble dryer.
  • Avoid washing silk in products that contain bleach.
  • Wash silk separately from other clothing, preferably using a mesh laundry bag.

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